Eu gambling action plan

Eu gambling action plan vegas casino directory

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This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. In terms of addressing gambling disorders, the Commission is currently compiling data from external sources in order to produce reports, which may result in a research policy addressing the development of gambling disorders, including detection and treatment. Several Member States are currently the subject of infringement proceedings under Article 49 and Article 56 of note, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Sweden and at least 20 complaints are also currently registered with action plan Commission. Key elements of the Gambling The Commission is not proposing EU-wide legislation on online gambling. The Commission also plans to set up an expert group on gambling by the end of Operators should advertise their services in a responsible and transparent manner. EL applauds that the European Commission in this regard takes into account the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice gambling machine simulators the confirmation of the primary competence of Member States to regulate the gambling sector by the Council.

The heterogeneous nature of the online gambling regulatory framework across. Europe, compounded with the cost and complexity of compliance with diverse. Response by the European Casino Association for the European Commission Joint Letter to Commissioner Barnier on Online Gambling Action Plan. Download a copy of our alert or read it in full below. In a speech to the EU Parliament on 27 June , Michel Barnier, the Internal EU.

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